About our company

We are one of the qualities Hammock manufactures from India, and this company is formed by experienced designers of Hammock products and more than decade of experience in manufacturing. The manufacturing unit is setup in Chennai.

The firm is established in June 2016 and become as a manufacturer and supplier of hammocks, swings and related accessories in India.

Vibhasa Exports started with three dreams:

  • To let the global economy reach rural India.
  • Take Indian tradition and craftsmanship to reach global market
  • Improving the Business pattern of Hammocks and give a quality product at the best price possible.
  • We make the Rope and fabric hammocks like single layer, Quilt and weave hammocks.

    We have good experience in supplying metal stands for hammock and swings also with the relevant accessories.

    Our products are known for the quality and undergo strict quality checking like Load Test, Stability, Rope Test, Yarn Test, Fabric GSM, Yarn Elongation Test, Fabric Colour Fastness to dry & wet, Wood moisture test etc. Vibhasa Exports established a very strong manufacturing process which will deliver first time right products which will be cost competitive compare to our peers in the Indian industry. The annual production capacity is 25,000 units since it is new.

    We understand you are looking for suppliers of the similar products from India. If you are in a position to identify the required products from the above list are of similar products we will be in a position to send samples for your perusal.


    At present, we don’t have any other place/branch/facility.

    Associate List of Companies

    At present we do not have any Associate Company/Sister concern. We work solely by the name of Vibhasa Exports.

    Business Models/Plans

    At present, we are marketing our product samples and production

    Yearly Time-line for our products

    April to June : New Offer

    July to August: Sampling and testing of our products. Complete required compliance audits.

    August to March: Production and Exports.

    We will plan to get new orders from buyers by April-June of every year, and sample production starts between Julys to August. Our prime focus is sample preparation for approval and testing through third party labs for each and every product that we export. Production and Exports will be commence and completed between Septembers to March.

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    Feel free to ask if you have any question regarding our services or if you just want to say Hello, we would love to hear from you.

    Phone: +919444604010

    Address: Plot No. 13A, 6th Street,
    Ashtalakshmi Nagar,
    Chennai - 600048,

    Email: vibhasaexports@gmail.com